Pinky: Safe Gifting Service

🏆 2nd Runner-Up OnDeck Showcase 🏆

Pinky is a gifting service designed as a companion to dating and patron apps, ensuring your address stays safe from admirers. Senders choose a treat, and Pinky discreetly delivers it to you. The app offers an extra layer of privacy, particularly beneficial for women and the LGBTQ+ community. It simplifies the process: your match sends you a Pinky code, you claim your gift and enter your address. The sender gets a one-time claim code to share. Pinky is not just for dating; it's for anyone receiving gifts online, ensuring safety while being spoiled.

Red Flag Green Flag: Dating Education

A dating education app that helps you navigate relationships with clarity. Submit a flag and let users vote whether it's a red flag or a green flag. Learn from others' experiences and gain insights into what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors. Search for specific flags, explore popular green flags, and common red flags. Join the conversation and empower yourself with knowledge.

The Sticky Sitch

Introducing The Sticky Sitch, an app simplifying how startups find sprint facilitators. Ask questions and receive video responses, all while browsing a mobile-friendly database. Say hello to effortless facilitator selection with The Sticky Sitch.

Lo-Fi Virtual Reality Graduation Exhibit

Step into a lo-fi metaverse, a virtual graduation exhibit featuring networking circles with icebreaker questions, a gallery showcasing projects with interactive links, and voting capabilities for visitor feedback. Explore co-working spaces, join Zoom pitch presentations, and unwind in the game room or rooftop bar. Book meetings with mentors and teachers, collaborate at shared desks, and immerse yourself in a dynamic, interactive environment celebrating creativity and achievement.

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