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Meet with Sisa

HI, I'M SISA! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ I’m the founder of the Pop App Shop (formerly Design Off The Boat). I'm an entrepreneur just like you. If you don't already know, breaking into tech is not easy – but not impossible either! If you're running a business, you’ll know that it’s difficult to scale. Being able to take more work means you have to hire more people – and that gets tricky when you haven't raised funds yet. Typically, app development projects like this go on for many months and cost tens of thousands of dollars – just to get started.

No-Code Tools changed my business model, and ultimately my life. My mission is to give you the wheel so you can steer your own ship. So as an early founder, you have the potential to become your own CTO with the resources that you have right now.



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Meet with Cory

Pivoting from her first career path of administration, Cory found herself working in events when the world shut down. After just having a baby and little event work in sight, she pivoted again to discover the opportunities of No Code. She now spends her days organizing spreadsheets and designing them into beautifully considered apps with integrated UX/UI design. In her spare time, Cory still dabbles in a sprinkling of event and admin support, enjoying the change of pace and the feeling of being helpful and organized in overwhelming situations. This work has allowed her opportunities with The Walt Disney Company, Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne Convention Centre, Benefit Cosmetics Canada, OCAD and Informa. With whatever time is left to spare, she enjoys crocheting her own designs and traveling on grand adventures with her little family.

Furthering her portfolio, she continues to pursue ways to streamline processes with technology and grow her knowledge of No Code tools. At Pop App Shop she holds multiple title roles including Work Mom, Project Manager, Teacher and Developer. Cory focuses on patience and simplicity when it comes to building and learning with the aim of empowering you with the tools needed to succeed. With a greater understanding of your needs, her array of experiences and unique attributes will allow you to accomplish great things.

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