Here's what the members of your community will experience after we sort out all the dates, rates, and details:

Our awesome features

We host a virtual orientation session to give your cohort an idea of what the Pop App Shop is all about, how to participate, what to expect, and answer any questions. A link to book their slots for the day will be shared at the end of session, along with a template of content that they need to provide for their booking and a guide on how to fill it in. (This step may be different for corporate team-building)

Our awesome features
Tell Us About Your Idea

During their 15-minute introductory call we finalize the feature scope of their app and make sure we are aligned on what they want and what their users need. Each participant will then receive an estimated delivery time for their app which will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Depending on the volume of registrants we may need to spread more slots out over multiple days.

Our awesome features
Time to Build

Our expert will then build your selected features while you wait. You can sit back, relax, and come back at the designated time to review your brand new app!
Note: Some premium features cannot be done on the same day. Only one core feature set is guaranteed for same-day delivery. Every feature added, also adds to the delivery date. You will receive a time and cost estimate before you will be asked to pay.

Our awesome features
Your App Goes Live!

When the build is complete, you will be sent instructions on how to access your app's back-end as we transfer ownership to your account, along with more resources to help customize your URL, etc. Now you can share your app with the world!


For Early Entrepreneurs

• Solves for the lack of technical know-how and limited financial resources. • They will be able to build, learn, and launch, their product earlier in the startup process instead of after they've learned how to fundraise. • Narrow the gap between prototype to go-to-market product, allowing them to generate revenue sooner. • Allows them more time to raise money and delay the urgency to hire for technical talent.

For Team-Building

• Ignite innovation in your company or organization. Hackathons unleash creativity and problem-solving, driving innovation within the company. • Bring teams together across departments, fostering collaboration and teamwork. • Enable participants to develop fully-working apps within a day, fostering a culture of achievement and tangible outcomes, even for non-tech companies

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