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As easy as picking toppings on a sundae. On the day of your session, you will get undivided TLC from the Pop App Crew as we build your app for you.


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Tell Us About Your Idea

Book your free 15-minute introductory call to finalize your session schedule and scope of work. You will be guided through steps to help us understand your users needs. You'll gain access to our guided templates that will help polish that brilliant idea. You'll be able to conveniently review the terms of the service and payment to confirm your booking.

Our awesome features
Workshop, Features, and Data

In the first hour, we'll review the information you've provided and generate a technical scope for the day. Together, we will select the features that your app needs and receive a cost and time estimate. Our team will provide you with a checklist of assets and a template of sample data for you to complete while we set-up your app.

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Time to Build

Our expert will then build your selected features while you wait. You're welcome to join the build session via Zoom or you can sit back, relax, and come back at the designated time to review your brand new app!
Note: Some premium features cannot be done on the same day. Only the first 3 core features are guaranteed for same-day delivery. Every feature you add, also adds to the delivery date. You will receive a time and cost estimate before you will be asked to pay.

Our awesome features
Your App Goes Live!

When the build is complete, you will be sent instructions on how to access your app's back-end as we transfer ownership to your account, along with more resources to help customize your URL, etc. Now you can share your app with the world!


Pop App Sessions are a full-day sessions from 10 AM to 5 PM. You are not required to sit through the whole session but are expected to join us on a call at 4 PM to review your app. More questions? Visit our FAQ section

$3500 CAD + HST
  • Functioning web app
  • Full-day with dedicated team
  • 1 Hour Workshop
  • 3 Core Features of your choosing with basic admin features
  • Additional features, time permitting
  • Basic Graphic Support (ex. resizing images)
  • Two 30-min coaching sessions post-training
  • Access to training modules, special offers, and community events
  • Demo Deck


Our menu covers a range of features and components that are present in most apps. Demos will be available for you to try before you make a purchase. If a similar app already exists, we will most likely be able to replicate that with no-code tools. We can create duplicates of apps like Instagram and Airbnb. We can create logistic systems, marketplaces – the list goes on! What we can achieve depends on the complexity you desire and the time to build it.

We can fully brand your app with your logos, colours and your image choices, however formatting may be limited in some cases. In turn, this allows us to afford speed and affordability to get your fully-functioning app up and running in a short period of time. When you’re ready to scale, there will be more options for customization with other platforms. Visit our Projects page to see some examples.

That's absolutely fine! All you need is an idea and we can help get you started. If you’re a business owner, there are so many benefits for your business to have an app even if you’re not a tech startup.

You're really getting great value out of this. Typically it will take a founder at least $35,000-$50,000 to build an app with some of the features that you need, and that's not including the design work that comes with the package we are offering. You'll find that we work in a different way compared to other agencies. We like to work in short, focused bursts in processes designed for high impact. This way you are only committed to what you need or can afford at the time you're able. We know starting up as an entrepreneur is hard and you shouldn't be locked down in a big contract for months.

Yes, we can either have the same version. of your app across all devices, or have customized features according to device.

Your app does not need to be added to the App Store or Google Play. Our apps are browser based web apps, so all you need is to send your users the url or they can scan a QR code and it will open their app on their default browser and they will be given the option to save it on their home screen like other apps, to make it more accessible.

Yes, as long as it has a database with an API key.

Yes, it's possible depending on how much access the third-party service grants. Typically, if it's an app available on services like Zapier or if it is on a database that grants us access, it is more likely to work.

Yes / Oui! Given an interpreted script, any area that we have inputted text can be rebuilt with additional languages.

There are several options! Visit this link to view all the available support options or if you want to build new features.

The app idea belongs to you - we claim none of it. Ownership of the data belongs to you. Features that are standard for all apps across the world, like having a like button, belongs to nobody. As part of this job, DotB is creating “work product” for you. To avoid confusion, work product are the results extracted from the design framework and the deliverables and the findings. This means that when the payment is made in full, DotB is giving you all of its rights, titles, and interests in and to the work product (including intellectual property rights), and you will be the sole owner of it. DotB also waives its moral right to the integrity of the work product. You can use the work product however it wants or it can decide not to use the work product at all. You, for example, can modify, destroy, or sell it, as it sees fit.

Owning the app means you have your own account and access to everything. This also means we’re not responsible for any issues that come up after we handover all control of the app. It means you're free to do whatever you want – even if it means having a new service provider continue building the app for you. You'll be able to add new features yourself as well, but we only recommend that if you go through our training. We keep our work well-documented so we will be able to tell the difference between changes that we make that may cause any conflict within the app or changes that were done outside of our team after access has been granted to you or your party.

Once the base app with the first three features has been built and fully paid, you’ll receive instructions on how to claim ownership of the account. You will get your app on the same day or maximum next day, depending on the time of day the purchase was made.

Your base app and first three features will be completed the same day (or next if the order was made overnight). Additional features will be delivered, depending on the complexity of the build and whether or not your subscription plan includes priority delivery. You can purchase more features anytime.

Before you purchase one of our services, you will be able to review our terms and conditions. If you prefer a more detailed agreement, we are happy to discuss terms with you. This may, however, postpone the kickoff of your app development, depending on how long it takes you to review and have the contracts approved by legal counsel.

Not right away. Similar to why you would not marry someone on the first date, we hold off on signing an NDA. As a business, we need to protect our own interests where our ability to work with other clients or to develop our own ideas is not unreasonably limited. We would prefer to take time to review the specifics which is also difficult when a technical scope is not defined. All of this delays the process but we are open to signing an NDA later, after we have had a chance to review it more carefully with our legal counsel. We value our relationship with you and want to ensure we establish mutual trust and respect before signing any legal documents. We understand that you may be hesitant to share your idea without the protection of an NDA. Please be assured that we take client confidentiality seriously and will not share any information about your idea without your permission. We do our best to be transparent about any potential conflict of interest, respect confidentiality, and if we do work together, our Terms & Conditions outline that you are the owner of all the IP. We hope you understand our concerns and we are happy to discuss them further with you.

More often than not, the ideas already exist out there as a whole or in parts but the differentiator being your implementation, content, and data. What we recommend to our potential clients is to share just high-level details or use examples of existing apps or services to describe what you need. Below are some guide questions that can help us understand your needs. 1. What kind of technology or devices do you envision your product working on? This can help us understand the technical requirements of the project and get a sense of your technical background. For example, you may say you want your product to work on mobile devices and desktop computers. 2. How do you see people using your product and what should it look like? Understanding the desired user experience can help us understand the scope of the project and the technical challenges involved. For example, you may say that they want their product to be easy to use and have a simple and intuitive design. 3. What features do you think are the most important for the first version of the product? This can help us understand the minimum viable product and the scope of work required for the initial development phase. For example, you may say that you want the first version of the product to have a search function and the ability to make purchases. 4. What kind of data will be used in the product? This can help me understand the types of data that the application will need to process, store, and display, and the technical requirements for handling that data. For example, you may say that they want to store customer information such as name and address, and that they want to process and display product information such as price and description. 5. How fast or responsive do you want the product to be? This can help us understand the expected performance of the application and the technical requirements for achieving those performance goals. For example, you may say that you want the product to be fast and responsive, with minimal delays when loading pages or performing actions. 6. Are there any specific challenges or requirements that you think we should be aware of? This can help us understand the technical challenges involved and the skills and experience required to successfully complete the project. For example, you may say that you need the product to integrate with an existing system or that they require a certain level of security for customer data.

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