πŸ‘‡ Watch this video to see what she was able to achieve learning how to DIY her MVP! πŸ‘‡

Learn in a safe space.

You can DIY your MVP through a specially designed program that creates a safe space for women entrepreneurs to break into a intimidating male-dominated tech industry.

We don’t just teach you how to build with the no-code tools, we teach you the recipe to create a user experience that makes sense, and surround you with a community of women that want to see all boats rise together.


This training package doesn't just cover the technical stuff. We make sure you get the TLC that you need to succeed! You'll learn more than how to build with the no-code tools, we teach you the recipe to create a user experience that makes sense and guide you to the next steps.

Short & Sweet Product Design Module

Once you have confirmed your training dates, you will be granted access to a fun and concise set of video lessons and exercises to help define your app idea. Your answers to the exercises will be the foundation that help us make the most of your training session.

Intro to No-Code

Getting started can be overwhelming, especially if you have no prior experience in design or tech. Maybe, you have so many great ideas that you're not sure where to begin! We start by learning the basics of no-code, how data is managed, and how to use the tool.

The Building Begins

You'll be a techie in no time as you assemble and connect the pieces of your mobile app with your instructor to get it ready for your customers. We will play with the functions of our build to navigate the unique tools that can make your MVP stand out. You will learn how to set up a simple database, carefully design each screen, and connect all the parts of your app to make all the information flow together. Toward the end of the session, we will help you finesse the look & feel of your app as well as set you up with the tools you need to move forward.

Going Live & Beyond

As we wrap up, you leave with the foundation to move forward with your bright ideas formed in an app that is functional, published, and ready to accept customers! We'll help you get set-up for the next step with your own branded demo deck to help you for your upcoming pitches. What you gain is the knowledge to develop your idea even further from where we first started. Builds are never-ending and yours may be too. With our one-on-one focus, we will ensure that you walk away with the confidence to build outside your classroom and take your MVP even further.

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